Friday, September 18, 2020


Trust me when I say,

No light passes my way.

Life has been a test,

with no time to rest.

All that mattered was looks,

Nothing to look in books.

My life has been a joke,

No trust from my folks.

No one has been near,

who would call me dear.

Love was planted,

My life was haunted.

Dreams have gone bitter,

Nothing looks brighter.

I loved to share,

But no one cared.

Trust me when I say,

No light passes my way.

Now that I have your attention. Life has become so busy that we do not have time to smile at our loved ones. we care less of those who do not come in our shortlisted closed ones. Then there comes those people who are so insecure but very talented who are unable to feel free enough to express themselves. 

To tell us insecure people to just do things is not the right way because ' If to do were as easy as to know what were good to do, chapels had been churches and poor men's cottages prince's palaces ' , those intelligent words by Portia from The Merchant Of Venice by Shakespeare. There is no one who would not want to be appreciated but what pulls some of us back is the fear of judgment and the self doubt that what we are is not enough. To those people who feel like this experience will teach you to never have a moment in life that you would regret. You do not have to make elaborate speeches to express yourself. You just have to make that one single statement that sums up all your views. As said by someone  'Silence is the best answer to all stupid questions and a smile is the best reaction in all critical situations'. If you have heard the story of 'B. Wordsworth' by V.S. Naipaul in which the protagonist, a poet, tries to write the greatest poem ever written. He tries sum up all the things that happened in a month in a single line and I believe even if he could not finish it he was a great poet because poems have to be written that way short but with so much meaning and even life is that way you just have to understand what to put forward finally

Remember the golden words of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam 'In life no one will remember how you looked, talked, walked or what you did...Everyone just remembers you by the way you made them feel when they were with you ' and this is how they judge you. Do not try to be someone believing that is what people like. You are different and unique and you are supposed to be that way. A simple smile, a hug, words of care is what people want, especially when everything has just been wrong about 2020. Life is unpredictable and you get to live just ones so give your best. People say many things but whom to listen and what you finally learn is what matters. 

To sum up all this 'You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think' the very special words from Winnie The Pooh. I just hope you start believing in all the extraordinary things you can do one day. Ending this with a small poem of hope.


Careful jokes, hidden feelings,

Suppressed words, untold truths.

Craving the careless life,

Living a described one.

Jump back into 

your older self,

Live again your

 childhood days.

Find the love,

Unforgettable through times,

Find those memories,

soothing your soul.

Look back

to a joyful life,

and remember

the heartfelt smiles.

Recall those

cloudy nights,

When you were not alone,

But with hopes of a tomorrow.

 -D. Pranati Sreya



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