Friday, September 18, 2020

O Love, be moderate; allay thy ecstasy,
for the men around are pensive,
their eyes show no mercy.
Grief and sorrow keeps playing their game,
so I plead thee, O heart,
don’t fall, refrain.

O sweet Venus, simmer the chariot driven by thee,
the touch of pain is evident in thy eyes,
the ones that often shine with glee.
Misery is the anchor holding thee at bay,
so I plead thee, O heart,
don’t fall, if thy may.

O bright stars, that die on such a night,
where two young lovers separate out of spite,
be gone, hatred in the awakening of love,
let lady Diana shed her light,
so I plead thee, O heart,
don’t fall, don’t put up a fight.

O motherly Juno, give me strength to fight for my pride,
as the mortal men are devious,
their hearts are cold, their tears have dried.
Let no Zeus trick thee into a treacherous kiss,
so I plead thee, O heart,
don’t fall, for ignorance is bliss.  
-Saniya Rumaiza


Trust me when I say,

No light passes my way.

Life has been a test,

with no time to rest.

All that mattered was looks,

Nothing to look in books.

My life has been a joke,

No trust from my folks.

No one has been near,

who would call me dear.

Love was planted,

My life was haunted.

Dreams have gone bitter,

Nothing looks brighter.

I loved to share,

But no one cared.

Trust me when I say,

No light passes my way.

Now that I have your attention. Life has become so busy that we do not have time to smile at our loved ones. we care less of those who do not come in our shortlisted closed ones. Then there comes those people who are so insecure but very talented who are unable to feel free enough to express themselves. 

To tell us insecure people to just do things is not the right way because ' If to do were as easy as to know what were good to do, chapels had been churches and poor men's cottages prince's palaces ' , those intelligent words by Portia from The Merchant Of Venice by Shakespeare. There is no one who would not want to be appreciated but what pulls some of us back is the fear of judgment and the self doubt that what we are is not enough. To those people who feel like this experience will teach you to never have a moment in life that you would regret. You do not have to make elaborate speeches to express yourself. You just have to make that one single statement that sums up all your views. As said by someone  'Silence is the best answer to all stupid questions and a smile is the best reaction in all critical situations'. If you have heard the story of 'B. Wordsworth' by V.S. Naipaul in which the protagonist, a poet, tries to write the greatest poem ever written. He tries sum up all the things that happened in a month in a single line and I believe even if he could not finish it he was a great poet because poems have to be written that way short but with so much meaning and even life is that way you just have to understand what to put forward finally

Remember the golden words of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam 'In life no one will remember how you looked, talked, walked or what you did...Everyone just remembers you by the way you made them feel when they were with you ' and this is how they judge you. Do not try to be someone believing that is what people like. You are different and unique and you are supposed to be that way. A simple smile, a hug, words of care is what people want, especially when everything has just been wrong about 2020. Life is unpredictable and you get to live just ones so give your best. People say many things but whom to listen and what you finally learn is what matters. 

To sum up all this 'You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think' the very special words from Winnie The Pooh. I just hope you start believing in all the extraordinary things you can do one day. Ending this with a small poem of hope.


Careful jokes, hidden feelings,

Suppressed words, untold truths.

Craving the careless life,

Living a described one.

Jump back into 

your older self,

Live again your

 childhood days.

Find the love,

Unforgettable through times,

Find those memories,

soothing your soul.

Look back

to a joyful life,

and remember

the heartfelt smiles.

Recall those

cloudy nights,

When you were not alone,

But with hopes of a tomorrow.

 -D. Pranati Sreya




I'm assuming a lot went on in the mind of late Pingali Venkayya when he was designing the Indian flag. Three colours that represent courage, peace and nature manage to arouse a sense of nationalism in every Indian. We live in a country where 22 languages are spoken. It is a profound mixture of cultures and traditions that characterise the "Indian way".

As much as we glorify unity in diversity and venture out to explore opportunities abroad, there is reason to be proud of being an Indian. India was unified and consolidated by many rulers and governments with the Mauryan empire being the first to unify the whole of India.

The colonial era nationalism that rose during the struggle for independence brought together people from all over the country with a common intention. One against foreign ownership. We didn't deserve to be exploited. The Indian population was a collective force against colonial rule and imperialism because India was not to provide for a superpower but to provide for its own “super citizens”.

The genetic make-up of an Indian is far better than that. As a potential superpower, India has had a growing international influence and prominent voice in world affairs. After centuries of colonial exploitation, India has become a newly industrialised country. This land has nurtured people with exceptional abilities. We‘ve got artists, quaint creatures, scholars and discoveries of those who make us proud.

This makes up the race of our nation. The race of my nation. Where I have rights, a say and security. The diversity here provides an exposure that no other terrain can offer. A true democracy, which when I come of age, makes me a part of the collection that is responsible for its rise and fall. A vision that reaches out to every citizen and resident and extends a helping hand because we are meant to co-exist while embracing fraternity. I have the right to equality and justice based on the simple fact that I belong here hence I deserve it, not that which my age, gender, cast or faith might suggest. 

Looking at years to come which may or may not be on Mars, I see a collaboration that will succeed without fear and bloodshed merely because the pen has always been more powerful than the sword. There should finally come a time where my country pioneers the peaceful war. The exchange of an olive branch will be a new found custom. Afterall, this country is a land of celebration and colour, do I really want to taint it? No.

As the great Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore wrote,

"Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high, 

where knowledge is free. 

Where the world has not been broken up 

into fragments by narrow domestic walls."

Growing up under the care of proud Indians and those who lived through the struggle for independence, I, a youth that has learned to appreciate the past glories of this land while being blessed with tranquility may well feel a thrill in invoking the prayer and salutation, “Jai Hind”.

-Ammaara Bashir Babukhan



“India is the cradle of human race, birthplace of human speech and mother
of history and tradition. Our most valuable and constructive materials are
treasured up in India only. ” -Mark Twain
India is the country which was given the title, “The Golden Bird” in the 17th
century, the country which harbors the immortal wonder of the world, The
Taj Mahal, the country which has witnessed the birth and glory of leaders
like Samrat Ashoka and Mahatma Gandhi, the country which exhibits “Unity
in Diversity” at its best and a country which builds up on the foundations of
non-violence and peace.
From being a colonial state to being a well renowned and prime economy of
the world, India has come a long way.
India is the land where the soaring Himalayas stand with all their might,
where the Ganges river feeds the agricultural fields of our farmers, where
the sultry beaches of Peninsular India attract a number of tourists.
Being a science student, how can I not mention the advancement of sciences
in India and the contributions of esteemed people like Aryabhatta, Mr. C V
Raman, the Nobel Prize awardee, Mr. A P J Abdul Kalam, the Missile Man of
India being one of the oldest civilizations of the world, has beheld the fusion
of distinct cultures and traditions reflecting the secular approach and the rich
heritage of our country, in whose lap breathe the happy followers of all
religions. Ours is a unique culture which cherishes its temples, mosques,
churches, which cherishes nearly 25 languages spoken across the country,
which cherishes different lifestyles, beliefs and the spectacular diversity that
resides in this nation.
Let us not forget that every coin has two sides, this diversity makes India so
special, yet unfortunately the same diversity tends to pull the strings of
disharmony in our country. The diversity which earns India its admiration
can sometimes cause people to take the wrong step of practicing violence in
the name of diversity, contrary to the Gandhian Principles on which our
country rests. This diversity sidetracks people from dominant issues like
hunger, poverty and unemployment.
But this is where the theme of this speech “My India” holds utmost relevance
to me. An India that I would call mine not just when it is lauded and highly
spoken of but an India that I would call mine when I can contribute even a
little in crossing these hurdles and making this nation more developed, an
India that I would call mine if I can do my bit in strengthening the values and
heritage of this celebrated nation and an India that I would call mine which
can make the world a better place by practicing and abiding by the essence
of peace and nonviolence.
I would like to end by saying that it fills my heart with immeasurable joy to
say that I am a proud Indian and the land that I stand upon with pride is
“My India!”
 Jai Hind!
-Rashiqua Munshi

That one small defect
What they call weakness,
Is installed in all,
And vulnerability it increases.

It brings down the cheery;
Moreover the optimistic,
To most it is unknown,
And never materialistic.

It gives you what's essential
And sometimes correct:
The roots to keep you all alive,
And the shoot to stand erect.

It was all what was needed
But nothing that was wanted,
To live a life that kept going
Which was never enchanted.

Beauty was missing
And so was dear glory,
That one drop of colour
Could take a turn towards victory.

That turn was taken
Which gave all the power;
The fruit started growing
Out of that desperate flower.

The flower was given,
And clearly not lent;
From the one I ever counted on,
And so it was called my strength.
-Ammaara Bashir Babukhan

 As rightly said by Mark Twain,” India is the cradle of human race , the birthplace of human speech,
the mother of History , the grandmother of legend and the great grandmother of tradition.” India is
one of the most ancient thriving civilizations of the world and a hotspot for tourists.It shelters 1.3
billion people who are of diverse ethnicities, yet are all united by the Tiranga.
Our nation got its independence of the 15th of August ,1947.It was achieved through the
perseverance of our freedom fighters like Gandhi Ji, Sarojini Naidu, Jawaharlal Nehru,
Subhash Chandra Bose among numerous others. We were one of the first countries to
achieve our freedom by a non-violent struggle.
Our Constitution, framed by Dr. B.R.Ambedkar imposed on the 26th of January,1950 that declares
our country to be a “sovereign,socialist,democratic,republic”, is the longest Constitution in the
world and makes our country the world’s largest democracy as well.
Our rich traditions, dating back to thousands of years are being followed to the notch, right up to
this date along with the incorporation of modernization. Our citizens pioneer in each and every
sphere of life. Algebra, trigonometry, calculus and the number “0” were invented in India. We have
imbibed fitness in the global citizens through Yoga and martial arts. Ayurveda, one of the most
ancient medicinal techniques,was also developed in our country. Our architects have built
countless monuments in the memory of our beloved ancestors that have withstood the ravages of
time. The Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World is also situated in India. Our diverse
land is home to many other UNESCO World Heritage sites such as Hampi.
Not only did we have a glorious past but we are also living in the prosperous present era. We are
home to the largest population of youth, the second most massive amount of internet users and English
speakers in the world. India boasts an extremely good track record in education and sports. We have
never lost even a single Kabaddi World Cup till date! India is the first country to successfully launch a
satellite to Mars in its very first attempt. Moreover, our country provides a mammoth amount of
Information Technology professionals to many international and indigenous companies. We have
achieved a remarkable feat of the world’s tallest statue of Sardar Vallabhai Patel as well.
Apart from this, India spearheads all other countries in terms of its diversity in land, language, culture
and tradition. It is estimated that over nineteen thousand languages are spoken in our country! Also,
our country nurtures people of various faiths in such a harmonious way that our brotherhood
and integrity is an example of co-existence worldwide. Our mouth-watering cuisines, our hospitality,
our utmost devotion in following our customs makes us stand apart from the rest. India is home to a
plethora of landforms as well. May it be the Himalayas, the Deccan Plateau or the coastal plains, all
mesmerize their onlookers with their serenity and beauty. India also hosts the Kumbh Mela in every
twelve years which is the largest congregation in the world! Such is the opulence of our beloved
India is heading towards a promising future as well. Our country is prospering through the “Make in
India “ campaign through which new employment opportunities are being provided to our
countrymen , thereby boosting our economy. Our country will be having the world’s foremost
radioactive reactor that will run our factories and workspaces efficiently. Numerous other scientific
feats are expected to be achieved by our fellow countrymen.
I would like to conclude by reiterating that we are extremely privileged to be the citizens of India
whose unity lies in the diversity of its people. India etches its splendour onto the minds of every
onlooker and leaves them with a perpetual impression Though each one of us is different in our
customs, our hearts beat with the same cadence as our homeland that has blessed us with abundance
and grace. Jai Hind!
-Amruha Ahmed 


They walked along the trail in search
Of food and shelter, or a living in fact,
Paw by paw they printed on
A pathway leading to their habitat.
They inhaled the air of forests, behold!
Had peace and shade and freedom full,
Did not know of the unmatched foe
Waiting to expand himself.
-Ammaara Bashir Babukhan

All of us do think but do we know whether what we think is right or wrong?According to me,
there is nothing like right or wrong thoughts. Thoughts are like those relatives whom we
don't want to come but they come unwillingly. Same is the case with our thoughts. We
cannot stop our thoughts but we can surely control them because at some moment,
nothing else but your own thoughts may kill you from inside. All of us just care about
what other people would think, instead, if we would think 'who cares?', it makes a lot of
difference. It's just like a cycle that other people influence our thoughts and our
thoughts influence us.  If no person has the right to influence our thoughts, why are
we allowing them to do so? Lastly, I would advice, "Think happy, stay
-Saanch Agarwal

A cradle for tradition, a birthplace for origination, a home of
individuality and a place of diversity is what makes my country, India.
Greetings everyone, or must I tell, my fellow Indians. I, Aamirah Ahmed
of grade XI, will be expressing myself on the topic, ‘My India’. Having
been independent for 74 years, after immense struggle, has moulded
our country into what it is today. Even though it could be described as a
place of fast-paced economic development, a home to 1.3 billion
inhabitants, a powerful democracy, a land of beautiful landforms like
the Himalayas and the Thar, a country which as a whole forms
dissimilar harmonies, India will always be considered a feeling.

India has always been a country that I could call mine. Making me
a reflection of what it is, India has had a profound impact on not only
me but also the rest of the Indians. It has given me the roots which
have been instilled in such a way that, I have realized, we are nothing
but the characteristics of our country itself. India has been a harbor to
everyone, like a parent which is to its child. A place I can always call
mine irrespective of the circumstances and can always come back to.
The power to stand out, in its own ways, amongst all of the 195
countries in the world is what makes India unique. The diversity,
customary, spirituality, being a basket for several religions, yet a
country which is extremely present-day, pragmatic, freethinking and
accepting is what makes India, India. Even though it’s a country with
several distinctions such as the 29 states, 22 languages, 31 cuisines and
several other unending dissimilarities, it has had the power to bind us
together through unseen forces. India is that prism which converts the
seven very different colours into the pure white light when passed
through it. Even though to some people it may be a place of wide
diversity, unbreakable unity, a place which is the homeland to the most
renowned freedom fighters of the world, a place of the several known
and unknown scientists, mathematicians, authors, poets and poetesses,
philosophers, athletes, artists, prominent figures, the birthplace of
several iconic games like chess, a place of eye-opening monuments and
buildings, a place which has various landforms starting from the fast-
flowing rivers to the still mountain ranges, but to me, it will always be
an indescribable feeling.

In conclusion, India is my home. A feeling which brings warmth
even when I merely think of it. A place of uncountable distinctions, yet
unceasing unity and understanding. A place which in its own way tends
to bring a new surprise. A place which is young and mature at the same
time. A place developing in its own unique ways. A country
unapologetically itself. To sum up in Rajiv Gandhi’s words, India is an
old country but a new nation. Thank you. Jai Hind.
-Aamirah Ahmed 
A chorus of non-similar chirpings,
An accord of angels’ singing,
A group of diverging raindrops,
Making God eavesdrop.

Every different note,
Every different lyric,
Combining together,
To make flawless music.

All humans,
All entities,
Being themselves,
To form the dissimilar harmonies.
-Aamirah Ahmed
When the stars are a stone’s throw away
And you hear the nocturnal birds sing in the tenebrous night,
You wonder if you will ever be
As free as the feathers during a bird’s flight.

You imagine being at liberty as a feather
And facing all the menace,
But a little voice in your head
Makes your mind’s inward eye offset.

You then take a huge leap with immense fear in your heart
And risk flying without a shield.
That is when you realize that you are light,
Yet strong as a feather and are finally free.
-Aamirah Ahmed