Saturday, October 10, 2020

 Grand, mystical, festive, diverse and incredible are
some of the words that occur to one when they hear of India.
 The landscape of India is splendid, with the long
range of Himalayas resting atop the country, adorning it like a
majestic crown, the scorching deserts and salt flatlands in the
west painting a surreal white hue, the ‘seven sisters’ in the
east as closely knit as a family is by blood, the riveting sunset
views from there, the serene greenery and waters of the
south, with hints of architectural brilliance all around. India is
as diverse as it is vast. Be it people from different religions
and backgrounds celebrating their differences or the wide
assortment of foods from saccharine sweets to spicy hot
curries or a whopping number of 780 languages spoken or
the countless fine arts, our country is the very essence of
The glory of India was not an easy feat to achieve. Years
ago, when England colonized India, our forefathers had
struggled to even survive. The craftsmen and their
indigenous art, the farmers and their dearly-nurtured crops,
the working class and their loving families, the Indian soldiers
and their dedication towards their motherland, everything
was taken advantage of. The land that was once called ‘The
Golden Bird’ looked pitch brown with the rusty prisons and
chains that bonded us; and the barren lands that were
trampled beneath the posh English boots. We were looted,
starved, shackled, whipped and enslaved in our very own
homes. 200 years of injustice and we had finally made it
through. India became independent in 1947 and rose like a
phoenix from the ashes of the British. No wonder why
everyone thought we were ‘The golden bird’. India, today,
stands among the fastest developing countries of the world.
From sports to arts, our nation is acclaimed for all the right
reasons. while ISRO launches a new satellite every six months
and Indian filmography is applauded at global events, one
such thing that is still treasured is the cultural values and
ethics passed down. The sentiments, love as well as respect
that each home carries are beyond description.
However, there are two sides to every coin. In 2020, as
the world is trying to process through a deadly pandemic,
India has its own internal issues to deal with; The political
unrest, democratic deadlock, a wave of revolution, mental
health ignorance, the long pending rights of women, riots
and a blind eye turned to all these problems. Some may say it
is mayhem. It becomes difficult to define “my india” in such
unsure situations. My love for the country makes me fear
what its future will look like but India has never been a
country to give up. The vision for tomorrow is filled with
laughter, warmth, brotherhood, unity and peace, just like the
period post-independence. What is assuring is that the
Indians are willing to dream, make an effort and grow
beyond this havoc together, hand-in-hand. That is My India.


But he that dares not grasp the thorn should never crave the rose. -Anne Bronte
-Aamirah Ahmed