Sunday, July 12, 2020

                                                            WHAT TO DO

What to do, I'm not going to change myself for you.
What to do, if I like pizzas ,cool drinks and ice cream
I'm not going to quit it because of you.
What to do if I m overweight,I'm not going to lose it because of you.
What to do if I'm dark
I'm not going to change my colour because of you.
What if I like socialising
I'm not going to stop it because of you.
What to do, I like dressing I'm not going to leave it for you.
Why? Why don't you understand that I'm a teen ........
These are the things that people of my age enjoy........
We have lots of pressure not only with studies but also from peer.
I think life should be balanced, the amount of pressure we have is the amount we enjoy.
I love my teenage and I'm going to take full advantage of it because I know it's never going to return for you.
I love my teenage and I'm going to take full advantage of it because I know it's never going to return.

-Daksha Agarwal

I hear my mom scream,
"Bags, books, your comb and cream
Scattered on the bed with those of jeans
This is how you keep your room clean?"
Do you sometimes forget I am a teen?

I hear my father say,
"Wake up, get up, chase your dreams,
This is the time to choose your stream.
Leave your Instagram, songs and films
Don't waste your time in front of a mobile screen"
I wonder why they don't understand that I am a teen.

I hear people say
"OMG, look at her size!
Foods and drinks? She'll never compromise"
Please try and understand I am a teen.
Let me be
Let me enjoy my teenage
Stop ruling over me,
This age won't return back to me, let me enjoy
Please understand I am a teen.
-Pakhi Agarwal


I used to look at the world and there was much to see
But now there is much unseen
There isn't much to do but watch our own screen.
Shops are closed , streets are empty
Our time in isolation just gets frenzy.

Let's imagine the world after this,
There will be bargaining on streets to highest deceit,
There will be students bunking classes roaming in malls
Unlike homeschooling, where we used to put our camera off,
There will be honking on roads and shouting on streets to buy 1kg and get another free.
We will be walking on roads without any fear , free of masks and oxygen near.

-Pakhi Agarwal
10 B


As deep as a midnight sleep,
As silent as the night sky,
As heavy as a heart that weeps,
As timid as a child that’s shy .

Like an unbreakable companion,
It exists with the moon .
Occasionally moving like a galloping stallion,
It can make a lonely heart swoon .

Teeming with life,
The ocean stretches for miles.
It can make any heart overwhelm,
Being a chasmic realm .

-Aamirah Firdous Ahmed



Screams of justice silenced,
While society pretends to be balanced.
Your pointless efforts I shall survive,
with a heart to love till I die.

Mascara, gloss with pastel spirit I groove,
Brightness of my long nails undermining the sun,
You call me a creature that defies masculinity,
But we stand out because we highlight humanity.

No, I don't need your validation
Nor your comments for compensation
Breaking stereotypes of a lady like
I colour my hair phenomenal like
I bear designed marks that define me
I wear glitter that shines me
Nose rings make us devil incarnation you say,
But we slay that imperfect beauty every day.

Body shaming, bullying, discrimination and further,
little-little disastrous creations of Mr. Lucifer.
We deny your norms and you disown us,
We chase our happiness while you continue to ignore us.

Your God made you, so are we
But how gruesome were we that we deserved your cruelty.
I am the change that I hope to see in altering existence,
Look into each other’s miserable eyes and join to sustain acceptance
Let not I pray, ancient laws mould your opinion
Understand a simple fact that being unique is not inviting a Draconian.
An initiative is required to give momentum to difference which would later fuel the rocket to a
change and natural compliance.

So, go ahead society test us all,
We know you despise us but these barriers shall fall.
Justice will be fought for,
silencing your norms,
We are not men and women but mere human forms.
Nature hath framed us with evergreen imperfection,
So, my dear fellow humanist, a friendly reminder to all---
STOP hiding and START living for your satisfaction,
For their pointless efforts we shall survive with a heart to spread love till we die.

-Saishri Bagde

Do you think life is plain?
That's because you are not mentally present when the rhythms of the heart try to make you feel alive.

-Saishri Bagde


The roads are quiet and so am I
There are no vehicles ,not even a fly.
Curious to know what lay beyond the sky
It looks azure and high !

The grass is greener and Wow! The birds gleefully sigh,
I wish this remains my beautiful World forever and I never die.
Alas! a Virus has made everyone cry.

I braided the branches to suit my needs
I selfishly scraped the mountains to make my world of fountains.
I ate the flesh and grilled
it for my needs.
Ah what deeds !

Fallen I am but not to stay,
Awaken again leaving behind dismay.

Time to see myself I guess
For I need to remove my mess.
Introspecting my mind and soul
This is the time I can hole!

Hole, a place for my Soul
Digging it deeper to reach my Goal.
Making it stronger, peaceful and whole!

Tell me your name, why are you shy?
You too wish the same life as I!
For I think, I dream, I write and I apply
Never loose hope and fly!

Turnover all the stones
To know the world of unknown.
Sit on your game of thrones
To remove all the cyclones.

Soon you will see the Orange light
And your journey of Enlightenment will start with a Flight!

-Deepika Bijawat
Art Educator
Nasr School


It's not a long story,
Just my thoughts on a small piece of paper
That comprises volumes of love, of a dreamer

Thoughts flowing in the space where only he could hear.
Her sad eyes, he could not bear.

They could not meet in the glory of their space,
And move on together with pace.

They consoled each other with music of their breadth,
Playing their notes in depth.

Wanted a nest, strong and wired .
Anticipated for a social thread, much aspired .
There was fear in Nature and dreams fired .

As they sat in a seesaw of ups and downs,
Echoed their souls in lesser known but crowded towns.

Crowded towns of Silence, of Secracy
Where both had their own frequency.
No one would ever understand their Anthroposophy.

Eternal it was, they believed
Nothing could be deceived.

Soul, a garment , he said
We would meet when we head!
Head towards the morning light
In the space so bright .
The grass would be greener, Right?

She was confused !
Just a garment he said, if not here
They would meet only after Rest!

-Deepika Bijawat
Art Educator
Nasr school