Tuesday, January 26, 2021


Unlike Thisbe's, my liking is meek,
for her lover Pyramus had the Devil's cheek.
The stealth the two lovers conspired at dawn,
before their parents had realised the betrayal,
the smitten couple had already gone.

The cloak left behind as she ran for her life,
quenched not the thirst of the lion's strife.
But alas! Pyramus had known not,
and not a single doubt had he fought,
as he gave up on the pointless resistance to death,
as soon as his sight with the blood-stained cloak met.
He weeped at the thought of his misfortune,
his tears could even melt the heart of God Neptune.

He wrung his hands and wiped his face,
his emotions wept off, leaving a solitary trace,
his lover had died, oh what a shame,
he leapt to his death, jumped onto the sword,
crying out loud, his inamorata's name.
His blood splashed onto the mulberry tree,
as his soul left his body, into the other world, free.

The oblivious lover returns to the scene, 
for she had outsmarted the wild beast, her heart smiled with glee.
She had nothing to lose, but love to gain,
but what she came across made her face contort with pain.
the agony left her body with a loud scream,
she ran towards her dead inamorato, wishing this was a dream.
The lifeless body of her dear plunged her heart,
"In death does his beauty shine so bright, oh my love, you were a work of art,
wake up, my darling, rise,
tell me how much you love stealth, our love in disguise",
She shrieks in horror and the tragedy she denies,
that could not be their end, not a sad demise.

She wrings her hands and wipes her face,
her petite body leaving not a single trace,
she jumps onto the sword, as a tear drips down,
oh, she'd imagined the marriage vows and the wedding gown.
All her hopes had shattered to naught,
she gave up her life, and a lesson she taught,
to the faithful couples and the unrequited love,
Aphrodite shed a sob, as she rode her chariot of dove,
over the remains of the lovers and the love they had,
the Gods above feared an intimacy so mad,
to honour the duo's lament and derange,
the mulberry tree was marked with red, the colour of love had to change.
-Saniya Rumaiza

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